Rattleware Cupping Brewer

The Rattleware Cupping Brewer is a radical new brewing device that allows all of the intricacies and beauty of the cupping process to be freed from the cupping table and experienced in a comfortable and accessible manner. This patented design makes possible for the first time ever, to evaluate coffee from the cupping table without a spoon, in a way that is familiar to the wider public. This new brewer has widespread use in setting such as Public Tastings, to Pour-Over bars, to Home Coffee Evaluation and beyond.

The new brewer can also be used as a by-the-cup brewing method that eliminates paper waste, minimizes cost of disposable goods, and allows for the reduction of labor costs. It can efficiently allow cafe owners and baristas to showcase coffee to their customers in the exact way that they first tasted it. 

 Holds approximately 13 ounces

Price: $18.99
SKU: 29830