Milk to Perfection Pitcher, 20oz

Milk to Perfection Pitcher, 20 ounce

These high quality steaming pitchers are built with a central tube designed to accurately swirl milk and create quality micro-foam, essential components to producing latte art and milk sweetness.

These well built and durable pitchers are perfect for training baristas and maintaining drink consistency for your customers. 

Features & Benefits

  • Central tube causes milk to spin during steaming for exceptional look and texture
  • Perfect for achieving great milk texture and pitcher distinction in alternative milks like Soy or Almond
  • Excellent training tool for new baristas and maintaining a consistent beverage experience
  • Tapered spout encourages optimum latte art pours
  • Ideal for use with espresso machines with lower steaming pressure
  • Heavy gauge food grade stainless steel for lasting durabilit

Price: $21.32
SKU: 27901
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